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I had: IVF-ICSI Egg Donation

Dr. Gaytan is the Best! I had many procedures in USA but finally I tried FCC Cancun and I got pregnant with twins (boy and girl)! The staff is very professional, helpful and kind. Facilities very modern and clean. After having tried many clinics I highly recommend Fertility Center Cancun for those who have trouble getting pregnant!


North America


The staff at Fertility Center Cancun was very welcoming, friendly and helpful. It was our first try with IVF and we were blessed with two beautiful children. The staff helped us every step of the way to prepare prior to our trip, and during the entire process in Cancun. We are very blessed and we highly recommend Fertility center Cancun to all that desire a family.



I had: IVF-ICSI Egg Donation

After 2 failed IVFs with my own eggs in the U.S., we decided to do treatment in Mexico with egg donation. FCC is the only one that offered a reasonable and cost-effective IVF egg donation. They also had a lot of donors to choose from and with specific characteristics I was looking for. They were very good at communicating back and forth via email/ phone, and helping set up a travel/ treatment schedule that suited our needs. The staff was always readily available to help and are very friendly. They also included a warranty in our package both times we went there for treatment. They helped me get pregnant for the first time at age 40 with a beautiful baby girl and again at 42 with twin boys! I always speak highly of FCC to ladies who are seeking IVF treatment overseas as I am very thankful for all they have done to expand my family. I am also thankful to Dr. Azul Torres for all her time, effort, support and encouragement in our treatment process! I highly recommend choosing FCC for your IVF treatment!


Fortworth Texas

I had: IVF-ICSI Egg Donation

Communication was mostly through email, they was good with responding to my questions and concern, the progress was fast, I had no problems from start to finish, the staff at the clinic was vary friendly and spoke good English (a plus) I felt comfortable and would recommend them and go back to them if needed.



I had: IVF-ICSI Egg & Sperm Donation

Dear Dr. Torres and the FCC team, I will forever be grateful to you all for your services and helping my dream of becoming a mommy come true. My girls were born on December 20th at 34w5d very healthy. I wasn’t sure I would ever get here but you all made the dream a reality! Your kind words, patience as I asked hundreds of questions, and your talents in the field of reproductive medicine not only gave me my daughters but made a very trying experience the best it could be. You all are amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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