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Delivering the best In Vitro Fertilization experience in Cancun

IVF in Mexico provides you the latest healthcare advances to address

infertility issues.

Here at Fertility Center Cancun our Reproductive Specialists are national leaders in reproductive science and are some of the most accomplished and respected doctors in the infertility field.


Our In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) results and pregnancy rates are among the best, and you will find why our latest generation clinic and beautiful Caribbean environment are perfect for the success of your pregnancy.

Why Fertility Center Cancun is my best option?


Personal with academic preparation in the best fertility institutions around the globe.

Years of experience treating national and international patients.

Facilities and advanced technology with the best results.

Clear and reliable information.

Dedicated bilingual staff at your service.

Thank you Fertility Center Cancun for being not only a team of professionals in the field of fertility, but also a team of professionals who cares for their patients in a personalized manner during this emotional process. We had nothing else to say but THANK YOU Dr. Gaytan and Fertility Center Cancun team for the most beautiful gift: our wonderful son!

- Yadira & Spencer Merryman with baby Spencer

Our Process

The step by step guide of our In Vitro Fertilization procedure

egg donors1. Ovarian stimulation.

It consists on inducing multiple ovulation using hormone replacement therapy. This method allows us to anticipate the exact moment of ovulation as well the correct maturation of the eggs that will be fertilized.

ivf cost2.Punction, retrieval and aspiration.

Is the procedure through which mature eggs (sizes around 15 and 18 mm) are retrieved from the female patient for their fertilization at the IVF laboratory.

embryo culture4. Embryo culture.

Once the egg is fertilized, we observe its development at our laboratory until it reaches the optimal conditions for transference to the woman’s uterus.

Embryo Transfer mexico5. Embryo transfer.

 When the embryo is at its best moment to implant on the woman’s uterus, is places inside the uterus on its distal locus (near the Fallopian tubes) to start its development and furthermore, to carry a pregnancy. This is performed by charging the embryos on a cannula that is conducted trans-vaginally until it reaches the uterus. An embryo or two may be transferred, according to each particular case.

embrion3. Fertilization through ICSI.

Through this process the egg is fertilized to create a new being (embryo), in this process we inject a single sperm inside each retrieved egg.

Embryo Vitrification Mexico6. Embryo vitrification.

Embryo freezing is recommended to the best quality embryos for future attempts, in case of not achieving a pregnancy on the first try as this depends in a high grade, to women’s age. Embryo vitrification or fast freezing, has proven to be the best method for freezing and thawing yielding better posterior results.

ivf patient care

Patient Care

Highly trained IVF specialists that will guide you throughout the entire process. We are here for you.

fertility technology


Our laboratory uses state of the art technology constantly upgraded and updated, in order to give you the best results.

success rates

Best Results

9 out of 10 IP´s that come to FCC and put their trust in us, achieve their goal. Come and let us care for you.

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