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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Assisting reproduction on couples with infertility issues.


This procedure is used to facilitate the fertilization on a couple that has not been able to achieve pregnancy by any other means. With the help of a catheter, the semen is directly introduced inside the woman´s uterus just in the moment the ovulation is happening, this procedure increases the sperm potential as it shortens its trajectory towards the meeting with the egg, increasing the possibility for a pregnancy.

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Who is candidate for this procedure?

Generally this procedure is the first proposal made to couples seeking to get pregnant and show some of the following:


  • At least one healthy fallopian tube.
  • Alterations in the uterine cervix.
  • Coital difficulties in the woman.
  • Slight endometriosis.
  • Unknown infertility.






This basically depend on the age of the woman and the infertility cause, but in a general sense, there is the need to understand that the pregnancy rate with artificial insemination is accumulative, meaning that in the event the first attempt fails, the following attempts increase the chances of success, and successively, until a maximum of 4 to 6 cycles, getting all the way to 50 % of success rate.


Our Process

The step by step guide of our procedure

Ovarian Stimulation1. Ovarian stimulation and monitoring.

To achieve better results and thus, increasing the success probability of the artificial insemination, there is a process to follow for hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, which helps us to increase the number of egg through echo-graphic controls, that will allow us to know the number of such and to program the exact moment of the insemination.

HGC Application2. HGC application.

In the moment we observe that the egg reaches certain stage of development, there is an HGC hormone application that will assist on the final maturity stages of the egg, thus resulting on the egg coming out of the ovaries and head to the fallopian tube where it will wait for the sperm. When this stage has been reached, the insemination is programmed one or 2 days after.

Semen Collection3. Semen collection and prepping.

Consist on the selection of the higher quality sperms. For this, we process the sperm through semen preparation techniques, eliminating those that are dead, immobile or slow, giving us an assurance of higher quality insemination.

Insemination4. Insemination.

The qualified sperm will be introduced by a small catheter inside the uterine cavity, this process is considered ambulatory, very similar to a pap smear, and takes only a few minutes, allowing the patient to have an normal life after the procedure in an immediate way. After 14 days, there is a blood test for the beta pregnancy results.

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